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Bristol & the fairy thimbles!

Bristol Bluebells candle in a box on a table with bluebells placed on top

The symbolism behind the Bluebell will warm your heart…I promise

When I sat down to think about the scent of Bristol, Bluebells were the obvious choice. I see them everywhere (more to come on that later), but when I found out the meaning behind them it was a no brainer. They symbolise humility, gratitude and most heart warming of all, everlasting love.

The Victorians introduced the Bluebells into their wedding bouquets too so if you’re planning a spring wedding what could be a more fitting fragrance?

So it’s official, Bristol, where I live, is a humble & romantic city.

My favourite Bristol Bluebell walks

A field of bluebells

In the longer days of Spring this year, it felt as though I saw Bluebells all over Bristol, from random little groups in front gardens and parks, to the displays of them swaying in the shade of the woodlands that we are lucky enough to have on the edge of the city.

My Bristol Bluebells candle was inspired by the carpets of Bluebells nodding their delicate little heads above the Avon Gorge in the ancient Leigh Woods.  Walk deep into the woods and follow your nose for their gentle scent.  I love it here because you feel like you’re in the middle of the countryside, not simply the other side of the Clifton Suspension Bridge on the outskirts of Clifton Village. Great views too.

If you’re looking for other walks a couple of my other favourites are those found in Ashton Court estate, a couple of miles from the city centre, which boasts 850 acres of woodland and Priors Woods which are thought to date back to the 1600’s.

My favourite Bluebell legend….

… is that they are linked to the realm of the fairies and referred to as “fairy thimbles”. To call fairies to a convention the Bluebells would be rung. That has to be my favourite image of all time!

Woe betide you if you pick or damage them though as the fairies will cast spells on you.

So if you’re a PROUD LOCAL or simply want to EVOKE A MEMORY of Bristol hop over to the shop and take a look.

Love Helen