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The Random Acts of Kindness Day occurs every February, an opportunity to unite through kindness and caring for one another. The tradition first began in 2000 and takes place this year on the 17th of February. It is a ‘random’ chance to show your family, friends or even strangers that you recognise and appreciate them. An opportunity to leave the world a better place and to inspire your peers to do the same. Here are our top picks on how to take part this Random Acts of Kindness Day:

Buy a stranger a coffee – Simple, but effective. Buying the persons coffee behind you in the queue is sure to brighten their day and yours.

Hold the door open for someone – This kind act comes at no cost at all and you are bound to receive a sweet smile in return.

Write positive sticky notes – Try to leave a positive sticky note on a colleague’s desk. A compliment or a motivational quote will do the trick.

Donations – Donations, no matter what day of the year it is, are always a kind act that can benefit others. Whether it be donating an old book to a library or food to a food bank.

Bake – Baking can not only be therapeutic for oneself, but have you ever known someone who isn’t happy to see cake! A tasty treat to share with your favourite people!

Have a vegetarian day – An act that is kind to the animals! You’ll be able to find hundreds of delicious vegetarian recipes online!

Remember your reusable bags – Between 500 billion and 1 trillion plastic bags are used each year. Remember your reusable bags on your trip to the shops and be kind to the world.

And lastly – How about lighting a candle and scenting a room for a friend or loved one?



For more ideas check out the Random Acts of Kindness Day website;

We hope you have a full of kindness and love!