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It’s a fact. Mother’s Day is always on the fourth Sunday of Lent.



Mother’s Day is this Sunday. A day where we shower our mums with gifts, flowers, cards and occasionally treat them to a lie in followed by breakfast in bed. What I hadn’t realised was that Mother’s Day always falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent and exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday.

So a little history lesson on where this tradition started.

For centuries people would return home to their families and their ‘mother’ church on Laetare Sunday, this being in the middle of Lent. Those who did this were said to have gone ‘a-mothering’. The day soon became about families uniting and more specifically children spending time with their mothers. In the U.S, American social activist Anna Jarvis lobbied the government for an official day to honour mothers in the US, and was regarded as the “Mother of Mother’s Day”.

The day soon became popular in Britain when Constance Smith in 1913 began to push for the day to be officially marked in England. By the 1950s the day was being celebrated throughout the UK and of course the commercial opportunities quickly followed. But it’s not all about that is it?

It’s a chance for celebration, creating new memories and for some, recalling warm memories.

So here is a round up of our favourite blog posts that could help you out with creating more memories this Sunday.

For those with mums that love everything about the outdoors the National Trust have some fabulous events on. Perfect for spending precious time together as a family in beautiful surroundings and join in with special activities.


Country Living have also composed a blog post with 16 of the top ideas how to spend the day.


Nothing is as memorable as a scent as it can bring back even a fleeting memory.

I know that many of our candles and diffusers have been bought to help evoke happy memories of Bluebell walks in Bristol or a stroll through the ancient city of Bath. So lighting a scented candle this Sunday over lunch with your mum is another happy and simple way to celebrate

No matter what you end up getting up to we hope you have a wonderful day spent with your loved ones.